Audible Romance

In a world where we’re increasingly comfortable with owning our sexuality, there’s one pleasure that’s gone unnoticed. Our listening pleasure. Luckily, Audible Romance is 100% pleasure for your earholes. And it’s scientifically proven to be good for you — people who listen to romance novels are generally happier and have better sex lives. So go ahead. Stimulate your lesser-known, but highly-sensitive, earogenous zone and listen to Audible Romance.

(Concept / 2019)


1-900-Romance: A literal hotline that serves up a sampling of our steamiest literary offerings. You know, press 1 for Merfolk Kinklore, 2 for Pennsylvania Dutch Workplace Romance, 3 for Amnesia Steampunk. That sort of thing.


Earotica: A modern pop-up romance shop designed specifically for your ears. Interactive and immersive spaces allow listeners to step in and sample some of the steamiest excerpts from our greatest Romance selections in uniquely pleasurable and fun settings.


What happens when you combine Amazon’s image recognition technology with Audible Romance? Something like sexy magic. Using the Audible app, listeners can scan any object around them and instantly hear a steamy passage involving that object from a Romance story – whether a chair, a parking meter, or a peach. If they’re into it, they can download the full audiobook.


In the romance novel world, narrators are kind of a big deal. And Audible Romance novels happen to be narrated by the sexiest voices in the world. So, we’ll show off our steamiest vocal talents with an Alexa skill (using super cool voice cloning tech), making your news, weather, traffic updates, and more, extra sexy. All for your listening pleasure.