Young Lions 2019: Digital Winner

When you have a life-threatening food allergy, every bite you take is a game of life or death. But most people don’t think the danger is real. And some even think it’s a game. So to prove it to a Millennial target, End Allergies Together (E.A.T.) is teaming up with 2019’s biggest battle royale game, Apex Legends, to bring a unique set of weapons to its arsenal — food. Proving that when you have life-threatening allergies, these ingredients can be deadly, too.

In partnership with Sydney Spence


On the day of our weapons drop, E.A.T. takes over the game lobby.


We made donating an integral part of gameplay by featuring special-edition defenses against the new killer foods in the game’s shop.

Players can donate their Apex Coins to unlock limited-edition E.A.T. protective skins. like the one below, that defend against one of the eight new food allergens. So while players increase their chances of survival in the game, they’ll help save lives in the real world, too.


As players pick up and use the new weapons in the game, they learn about the real dangers of food allergies.


Leading up to the weapons drop, gamers could test drive the weapons right through social, by hacking Instagram and Facebook stories.


We timed our launch with the E3 Expo, and hosted a “Twitchathon” to celebrate the release of the new weapons. Apex Legends influencers played alongside real gamers with allergies, and viewers could donate to E.A.T. directly through the platform.